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What We Do


Our team of professionals is equipped to provide Graphic Designs, Print Communication, and Web Design to our clients. We believe in fulfilling the demand with excellence and a flare of distinction that is unmeasurable! 


First, we will have a one on one consultation with our clients in order to grasp their vision for their company or project. Therefore, we commit our time and skills to making sure our clients are completely satisfied.


Upon completion of our work, we provide a questionnaire/survey that will be applicable to our success as we continue to enhance our skills!


We also read every e-mail and answer every form of communication....Please let us know how we are doing!!!

Who We Are


In September of 2010, we were graduate students looking for a job. After graduating from DeVry University in Chicago, we decided to become freelancers in the field of Graphic Design and Web Design...Although each of us took separate paths, we somehow maintained communication, via Facebook and Twitter.

Recently, our colleague Renee James, indicated that she needed help to maintain her business under the name of "Virtual Technologies" However, she wanted to create a personal persona of her work ....She said: "I want to be a Mark of Distinction, where people can earn my trust and know that design is my passion and I'm not in it for the money, but to be a help."

Although each of us still do freelance work, we decided to help each other develop our businesses to benefit humanity!

How We Work What We Believe


As a team, we believe in personally meeting with our clients. Therefore, we encourage each of you to fill out our "Questionnaire" for a very reasonable estimate of our diverse services!

We also work with Microsoft Office programs, Adobe Creative Suite, and e-Learning material.


As we embark on this journey to enhance our talents, gifts, and skills, we ask that you contact us! Let us know how we can be of assistance to you...Or, just say Hello to let us know you are at least thinking about us!

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